Lithium Technologies produces
lithium value chain

We use full cycle technology: from mining to the end lithium product.

We know how to develop lithium project faster and successfully enter the world market.

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Concentrator: Production of Lithium concentrate from Ore

We have 2 productions lines:

Concentrator: production of lithium concentrate from ore

Converter: production of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide from lithium concentrate.

Converter: Production of LiOH - Lithium Hydroxide and Li2CO3 - Lithium Carbonate

Converter: production of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide from lithium concentrate.

Micronized Lithium Hydroxide and Lithium Carbonate.

CMP can produce lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate with particle distribution D50: µm 6-50.

Lithium Carbonate
Battery Grade

Purification of Lithium Carbonate from Industrial Grade into Battery Grade.

Lithium Technologies can process Lithium Carbonate of purity 96% – 99,3

Process flow
Lithium Hydroxide
Battery Grade

Lithium Hydroxide of Battery Grade.

On the basis of CMP technology Lithium Technologies produces LiOH Battery Grade to export LiOH to the battery market around the world.

Process flow


We propose to establish JV (Joint Venture) where Lithium Technologies acts as technological partner.

We offer the partnership for:


Lithium Technologies is ready to implement it’s technologies to process yours hard rock and brine into lithium products on partnership basis.

Lithium Producers

Lithium Technologies is ready to purchase lithium: chloride, sulfate, carbonate, for its own production of lithium products: (LiOH, Li Metall); – for tolling; -to establish a technological partnership for the joint production of lithium products.

Battery Producers

We are actively cooperation with battery producers for the production of battery products (cathode, anode, electrolyte, separators).


Lithium Technologies is ready to sell lithium products: carbonate, hydroxide, metal.